Candle Signs

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I’m going to skip the common candle signs, you can find lists of those by the dozen and most say more or less the same things.

White smoke or film inside a novena or 7-day candle glass Regardless of the type of work being done; this indicates that there’s a desperate need for the anyone involved in the work to take a mental and physical break.

White smoke and puffs of white smoke White smoke usually indicates that the condition being worked on is not as clear cut as it may seem, and that other conditions may have to be cleared before you see any significant manifestation. Small puffs of white smoke can signal that the petitioner is unsure if he/she really wants the work to manifest.

A fan of flame around the wick The petitioner has issues that need to be addressed before the work manifests. A good example is if the work is for keeping a job, but the petitioner has serious anger issues towards a coworker, if the work is allowed to manifest before his anger is resolved he may find himself being demoted to the mail room or janitorial, or sent to some remote branch of the company. He’ll still have his job, but he won’t be happy about it.

A ball shaped flame Small, low burning flames are somewhat ball shaped, but if the flame is a relatively normal size and yet still burns in a ball shape then it’s revealing that hidden forces are at play relative to the matter at hand.

Singing (or whistling) This is sometimes because the wick was not completely dry when the candle was made if it’s a hand-dipped taper, some people still load their wicks with salt water to extend the burn time of the wick and let them air dry before dipping and the sound is quite a bit like hearing a tiny teapot whistle. Because the phenomena has physical origins doesn’t mean it’s to be completely discounted either.

The candle wax forms a spout or bottom lip This is kind of a normal wax-melting thing, it happens quite a bit and unless the type of candle you’re using never does this sort of thing it’s probably not too significant.

A candle with multiple wicks doesn’t burn evenly The balance of power in a relationship is out of whack or one person (assuming this is a figural bride/groom or female/male candle) wants the desired outcome far more than the other.


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