Disposal of Your Ritual Remains

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There are a gaggle of ways to dispose of your ritual remains.

The simplest is just wrap everything up and toss it into the garbage, of course this is best if there’s something (or someone) in the work you want to symbolically throw out. Then there’s burial. This is where things get more complicated. Do you want to bury stuff on your own property? Are you brave enough to bury it on your intended target’s property? Will you go bury it near a river or train tracks (to carry your wish far away)? Will you bury it at the crossroads? Then you have to consider which direction you’re going to bury it, how deep, and chose upright or upside down.

You can also try to burn all the remains.

There’s also the tried and true throw that stuff over your left shoulder at a crossroads keep walking and don’t look back.

Some folks, depending on the situation will also save and scatter bits of the leftovers in public places on the sly. Others have put their leftovers in animal dens or birds nests, and even on ant hills (scattered with a bit of sugar or honey to make sure the ants will be interested.)

Which method is right really depends on the intent of the work or ritual, and while the work is started when it’s started, it’s not ever really done until everything is cleaned up and all the leftovers are dealt with one way or another. In hoodoo sometimes the method of disposal is clearly stated, sometimes not.

Personally, if there’s nothing offensive in the leftovers I might discretely slip a little into the target’s stuff or space and then dispose of the rest. Candle wax is good for this because you can draw under a coworkers desk with a little piece as if it’s a crayon and odds are no one will ever see it or know it’s there, or you could discretely draw inside the target’s shoe, or even crumble a little up and sprinkle it under a rug or into the seam of an office chair. Ashes and finely powdered herbal ingredients can also be used to dust items or the person’s space or over their lawn or front steps.

In any case, when in doubt think about the purpose of the work and make sure that your plan to dispose of any items afterwards reflect that plan, and do the planning before you start. If you are unsure and your plan doesn’t feel right, use a pendulum and ask basic yes or no questions to help you decide on a plan that does feel right.


Used with permission. http://cutemojo.com