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When dealing with enemies, if you are unable to stop their plotting against you, then you must work against them in return without mercy. In order to do this properly, however, you must be convinced that your course is the right one. (This is called "being justified") If, for a moment, you believe that they might be correct, then stand aside and allow them to continue on. You will be testing the limits of your spiritual power with this move. There will be upheavals that will cause ripple effects through your life for some time. You must be spiritually, mentally, and emotionally strong to weather the storms that come in dealing with enemies. They must never see you waver or show doubt. (They will see this wavering and prey upon your doubt) This will prove your weakness and your spell work will not be effective. Enemies can be TOXIC to you. Toxic people have a way of draining the life energy from you, leaving you negative, numb and unsure of how to deal with them.

Kinds of Enemies

Trolls. A troll is someone who comes in and says something destructive to you or about you, with no purpose other than to cause a reaction. You probably don't even know this person. This happens a lot online. Through email, Facebook, Twitter and on blog, people are able to say things they wouldn't dare do face-to-face.

Trolls aren't only online though. Someone may take a strong dislike of you in real life too. They yell at you, argue with you, say nasty things to you both to your face and behind your back. They try to rally people against you. And what's worse, they feel GOOD about doing this. They have no problem either gossiping about you and your personal life, or slandering you for no reason at all.

Dream-Stealer. This person likes to be realistic. You have some exciting news, or a great idea, or a big dream and all they want to do is make you see all the possible chances for failure. They say things to make you doubt yourself. They also LOVE to be right and will do what they can to make sure that other people see them as right and see you as wrong. They also enjoy being able to say, "I told you so." You will hear them say "I told you so" A LOT. If someone is always knocking your ideas, this person is stealing your dreams from you. They steal your energy and your confidence.

Frenemy. This someone who is both a Friend and an Enemy. Look closely at this kind of friend...is someone who treats you this badly really a friend? How do you know you have one?

· You dread calling them if you have good news; you don't want to call them, and yet you feel like you have to. You find yourself calling them anyway.

· You always feel worse after spending time with them. You feel drained and tired. You hate it when they call because you know they will want to spend time with you.

· You have been friends for a long time, but aren't sure why you have kept in touch. You have nothing in common at all with this person.

· You become someone you don't like when you're with them. (whiny, complainy, negative). You find yourself doing things with them you don't want to do.

Kinds of Enemy Work

Hot Footing.





Death and Destruction spells.

Advice for Dealing with Your Enemies

1. Keep all your enemies too busy to plot against you. (They will plot against each other instead!)

2. Set them to different tasks where they will not work together. (Set them at cross-purposes with each other)

3. Always give them the same information. (Have standard information that you say about yourself)

4. Never tell one enemy more information than another enemy. (Keep all information close to you)

5. Never tell them anything of value. (They should know as little as possible about you)

6. Send them along roads with no end (i.e. close their roads, send obstacles in their paths); this will ensure that they never know your goals or desires.

7. Do not permit enemies to hang around you. Their poison will eventually infect you again and infect other people.

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