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So you are looking to switch jobs or land that first big opportunity or simply wondering if you are on the right track professionally. You want to make sure that you tap into every possible avenue to build your career - whether it is getting in touch with the right people or staying current with the industry news and prospects. Gone are the days when a mere graduation degree would suffice to cater a job. This century has turned to be very painful for job seekers. Even a series of diplomas behind your name isnt fetching the right job with the right salary. What to do? What are we doing wrong? Well, you are not looking at the right place. Instead of telling others "find me a job" there are ways you can help yourself find a job!

An ancient Chinese proverb says: Find a job you enjoy doing and you will not have to work a day in your life. The meaning is that you will be so busy in enjoying your work that you will not consider it work at all. It is important to choose a career path that is of interest to you. Lack of job satisfaction can lead to a build-up of stress and unnecessary tension.

Job dissatisfaction can be brought about by a variety of factors. Tight budgets, short deadlines and heavier workloads have led to an increase in the stress levels of the average employee. Low job satisfaction directly results in low productivity. When applying for a job, have a clear view of the responsibilities and tasks you will be assigned should you be granted that position. This will allow you to effectively analyze the job profile and match it with your own. Analyze your skills and areas of interest and proceed to recognize a pattern in the way you approach work assigned to you. By reflecting on your approach to work, it becomes easier to tighten the loose ends of your plan. Once you begin to view work as being work, job satisfaction goes out of the window.

Strike a balance between your work life and the rest of your day. Learn to compartmentalize your day into work and other activities. This will help to avoid carrying work related tension onto the rest of your day, and vice versa. The secret of job satisfaction is to find joy in the process of doing the work rather than the rewards it will reap.

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