Foot Track Magic

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Foot Track Magic uses people's foot prints in rituals and spells in order to get them to leave a town, jinx them, and bring them under control. Foot track magic is a hoodoo practice which involves cursing someone by a wide variety of methods, such as placing stones in a certain configuration in the person’s path, sprinkling Goofer Dust or Graveyard Dirt in his shoes, or placing dirt from his footprint into a bottle. The curse can range from giving the hoodoo’d person bad luck or memory loss to causing incurable disease and death.

Foot track magic is a practice unique to Hoodoo, although similar concepts can be found in several various folk magic traditions; Foot Track Magic involves the idea that spiritual or magical harm can enter in through certain parts of the body -- which is not a new idea at all. But in Hoodoo we have a whole host of conjures specifically formulated to enter in through the feet.

Hoodoo spells called foot track magic puts magical essence to footprints. A practitioner may bury the footprint dirt of his enemy in a bottle spell with other magical items. When the enemy walks over the buried bottle spell, the result will be poisoning, unnatural illness, or bad luck.

To collect the foot track, follow the target of your spell discreetly, observing their footprints. When you see a good impression of their foot print, dig it up in its entirely. Take it home in a bag, then transfer the dirt to a glass jar or bottle, being careful not to lose or spill any of it. Add your other items according to the purpose of the spell. Seal the bottle very tightly shut, adding a wax seal, if you like.

Now you may bury it where the person will walk over it. Or if you are doing a banishing spell, take the bottle to running water flowing away from you. Turning your back on the water, throw the container over your left shoulder without looking, take care not to hit anything you shouldn't. Walk away without looking back once.

Another method of foot track magic is to sprinkle powders (like Hot Foot Powder)across the troublemaker's foot tracks or upon a doorstep where they will walk. (Make sure that YOU don't walk over the Hot Foot Powder!)

If you can obtain a shoe or sock of the person you wish to be rid of you can place Hot Foot Powder or Banishing Powder or even the oil versions in them. It will drive the unwanted person out of your life and they will leave you alone. The powder will not hurt them or cause them discomfort, however they will leave.

While there are many ways of crossing or jinxing someone through the use of foot track magic, there are equally as many ways of protecting oneself from such tricks. There are many Conjure oils and powders meant to be placed inside or on the bottoms of your shoes to protect from such magic. Rubbing your socks down with Van Van oil or powders a good way to guard yourself from tricks in your path.

To collect a foot track

1) Follow the target of your spell discreetly, observing their footprints.

2) When you see a clear, distinct foot print, collect as much dirt from it as you possibly can.

3) Take it home in a bag, then transfer the dirt to a glass jar or bottle, being careful not to lose or spill any of it.

4) Seal the bottle very tightly shut.

5) Use the dirt in your spells against this person.