Goofer Dust

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Goofer dust is a well-known kind of powder used in Hoodoo. It is often used by Rootworkers to jinx or trick an enemy in family, money, health, or job matters. There are all kinds of recipes, due to varying intentions and preferences, but common ingredients include:

Graveyard Dirt


Snail Dust

Snake Skin or Sheds

Powdered Herbs or Red Peppers

Other ingredients might include


ground anvil dust

ground insects

ground bones

The word Goofer is the Americanized version of the Congo word kufwa - to kill. It does not kill the enemy instantly, but works over time. The victims of goofer dust may act strangely and confusedly. In time, after suffering much hard luck and trouble, they sicken and die.

Goofer dust is a powder made from various ingredients (there are a lot of recipes but the most common goofer dusts contain a mixture of graveyard dirt and sulphur powder) that is laid down in a line or cross in someone’s walking path, or often buried under the front door of someone’s house. I’ve also heard that you can take an egg from a black chicken, poke a hole in top to let out some of the liquid inside, fill it up with goofer dust, then throw it at someone’s front door.

What is goofer dust meant to do exactly? Well, it depends on which Hoodoo practitioner you ask. For some it poisons the body, which will lead to all sorts of pains, aches, sickness, and it might even affect your luck and fortune. For others it sends in those things that live inside, snake-like creatures (or sometimes thought to be actual snakes) that live inside the body and can cause it massive amounts of harm. These things that live inside are most often associated with contact with Foot Track Magic.