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In Vodoun, or Voodoo, a gris-gris is a charm or talisman which are kept for good luck or to ward off evil. Originally gris-gris were probably dolls or images of the gods, but presently most gris-gris are small cloth bags like mojo bags containing herbs, oils, stones, small bones, hair and nails, pieces of cloth soaked with perspiration and/or other personal items gathered under the directions of a loa (lwa) or orisha for the protection of the owner.

The impact of a Gris-Gris can be immediate or delayed, depending what you are trying to do. Within twenty-four hours it could be that you instinctively know that something has changed. You just might experience a feeling of exuberance and enlightenment, and your outlook on life may be more positive, hopeful, and clearer. Your confidence in your goal will be enhanced.

Gris gris (pronounced gree-gree) might be very similar to a mojo bag, but there are important differences. Numbers and colors are significant. The number three is the minimum number of ingredients in a gris gris charm. The term gris gris, like the word hoodoo, can be both noun and a verb. It's both the magic and the act of making the charm, which can be in the form of a bag, doll, or powder (among other things). The worker doing the gris gris is often called a gris gris man or woman.

Now this is some old school Voodoo that strays away from strict herbalism.

Gambler's Gris-Gris Number 1

A green bag containing a red magnet dressed with money attracting oil. Also add a buckeye nut. Keep this on you whenever you go to the casino.

Gambler's Gris-Gris Number 2

A red pouch containing shark's tooth, coin and two dice. Add gambling oil.

Protection Gris-Gris Number 4

Black Bag containing Brown sugar, smooth stone, sea salt, dead man's hair and dried lizard. Keep this under your bed.

Gris-Gris For Courage

In a purple pouch, carry in it Chili pepper, the leg bone of a chicken and the eye of a rooster.

Gris-Gris for protection during a ritual

In a purple pouch, put it in your drum or sew it in your clothes. Take pine sap and mix it with chicken blood. Brush that onto the pouch. Then add a tooth from a cow and rooster's heart.

Gris-Gris for Business Success

In a yellow pouch, add a coin, dried pig toe, nettle, coffee grinds and a finger nail clipping.

Gris-Gris for Sporting Events

In a gray pouch, add horse hair, fish bones, deer fur and a bird's feather.

Gris-Gris to Cheat Death

This one comes from Marie Laveau herself. Carry this in a pink bag. Add a red stone, animal bone, bird's beak, pine needles, willow bark.