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I started writing a different post and realized although I touched just a little on the topic, setting up a happy home in the hoodoo sense was way more important than the original post. I know a lot of people want to cherry pick parts of a work and skip the difficult time consuming seemingly mundane stuff, hoodoo is for real people in the real world so if you only do the easy-peasey magical seeming stuff it’s not going to work. Do the boring mundane stuff and the magic happens. However, I am completely aware that some people are living in apartments and living arrangements vary, so if you absolutely can’t do something don’t sweat it, just do everything else. If you can only reasonably do the kitchen and your bathroom and your bedroom– then do what you can reasonably do, don’t lament on what you can’t.

And yes, Happy Home work looks a hell of a lot like spring cleaning. If you don’t have van-van oil or Chinese Wash on hand, that’s not an excuse to avoid doing the work, when you need it you need it and you’ll have to figure something out. Get some lemon scented ammonia and use what you have, if you have Florida Water then that’s going to have to work.

First, start with the floors. Starting from the back of your home (your back door or farthest away from your front door if you don’t have a back door sprinkle your floor. If you have rugs down pick them up and hang them out (you can beat the dust out later) or have someone drop them off to be cleaned. The sprinkle is simple take a few tablespoons of baking soda, add 3-5 drops of a cleaning vibrant essential oil (van-van is best, but if you don’t have it lemon balm, sweet orange, lemon, etc works) and rub through the baking soda so that it is completely absorbed by the soda, then mix that with the rest of the box and put in a shaker (aka Ball jar with holes drilled through the lid) and sprinkle over your floor. Leave it there and walk on it while you work. Clean the windows, the door frames, dust, etc as you normally would, being careful to wipe down shelves and get into cupboards and closets with your Chinese Wash. When you finish that room, sweep up your sprinkles and mop or vacuum up your sprinkles and tidy things up. Say a psalm of blessing and prosperity (Psalm 23 is lovely) as you place blessed salt in each corner of the room and a dash by the doorways.

Room by room, rinse lather and repeat the above instructions. Pay attention to boxes that haven’t been unpacked and stuff that has been stashed in closets and forgotten. Make a mending pile, get a big clean box to put unfinished projects in, and be prepared to throw out or donate things that no longer bring peace and wellness to your family. Scrub toilets, wipe sinks, take trash out immediately, change bed sheets, and do little repairs as you come across things that need repair. If you spot a hole in the wall, patch the drywall (it’s not hard.) Take your time, make the job pleasant; listen to music that lifts you up. This process can be done in a day or take a few weeks. I find that each time I do Happy Home it takes less and less time and it goes easier and easier.

Do NOT burn sage. Yes. I know sage smoke cleanses the spiritual atmosphere, but it’s also spirit food and if you clean everything else you clean the good and the bad away anything can come to feed on it. So just don’t smudge as part of this. If you’re a smudger you can go back to it whenever you like after you finish the whole house, but try to limit where you do it to one or two rooms, leave the rest of the house for the living.

As you clean, remember to keep blessing and praying, and always finish by clearing the floor (by sweeping up your sprinkle and mopping if it’s hard floor or vacuuming up your sprinkles) and sealing up the room with salt and psalm.

Feel done yet? Ha. No, there’s more. Go back room by room and do your thing according to the purpose of the room. Again, use what you have and what you know. If you have a student in one room that has been having trouble focusing and making decisions, dress his bed with clarity oil. If you have a mate and you want to keep things going well, burn a candle dressed with some romantic or sexy condition powder. Bathrooms are always a bit of a quandary for me, I tend to hit them with cleansing and health condition products. Just make sure you do something and that whatever you do is appropriate for the use of the room. If you have a home office then definitely use some money drawing products.

I usually finish up by mowing the yard and weeding the flowerbeds if they need it, and sweeping the drive and walkway.

So this is a lot of work and it can take a lot of time, but Happy Home is absolutely worth it. You need to do this work if everyone in your home seems to have a sustained upheaval (when people are going through custody battles or shit with an evil ex trying to make their lives suffer this is one of the most powerful things you can do and then follow with court case work, it just doesn’t fail), when everyone in the house seems more prone to allergies or illness than usual, if there’s a lot of drama in general (basically, do this once a year when your kids turn into hormonal cocktails with their little umbrellas of angst), if anyone person in the house has trouble keeping a job or functioning at school, if your chosen forms of divination start giving you muddled readings or if you feel like you’ve lost your mojo (in a proverbial as well as the literal sense.)