Ice Tray (Ice Cube) Spell

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This is all-purpose and what I like about it is that you can use magical ingredients to sweeten or sour the mix before you chuck it in the freezer. Basically, you take twelve small pieces of paper and write down the names twelve people or situations who have not been very nice to you or who have irked you or done you wrong. Think of twelve people who have been hostile to you, or who have a bad attitude towards you or who have behaved as obstacles to what you want in your life or career. Now stick these twelve pieces of paper in the ice cube tray compartments and add a little sugar, or honey to sweeten up their attitude towards you.

You could also add a few other things as well if you wanted - a little dill or parsley powder for improved communication, orange water for joy or rose water to increase loving vibrations. Then you fill the rest of the tray with water and stick in the freezer. I like this spell because it is relatively innocent and is persuading others to think of you kindly and not to harm you. A more vengeful version of this spell would be to add substances like vinegar (to sour their experiences) cigarette ashes (to cause depression) or horseradish (to cause arguments.)


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