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Welcome to The Hoodoo Conjure Encyclopedia.

Hoodoo is a magical system of healing and control, derived from African-based folk medicine in the United States and the Caribbean. It is also known as conjure and rootwork.

Hoodoo (conjure) is folk magic and the practice of folk belief with its followers being the vast majority of African American. Hoodoo is also known as rootwork with its folk beliefs originating in the Southern United States with other influences from Africa, Native American Traditions, Ashanti & Senegalese African Tribes, and European Grimoires. The Southern United States is where hoodoo is said to have originated in the Southern United States, including Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, and Arkansas.

The aim of Hoodoo to improve your life by having success in all areas of your life by using the power of God, Jesus, and the Saints. Using the methods of hoodoo will have positive effects on your divination, financial situation, luck, health, job, and spirituality.

Notable aspects of African Hoodoo are Foot Track Magic, Crossroads Magic, Laying Down Tricks, Ritual Sweeping, Floor Washing, and Ritual Bathing.

Hoodoo uses The Bible, magical workings, herbs, animal parts, and bodily fluids.

Most hoodoo practitioners are Christians, although many are not. There are Catholic traditions of hoodoo, which originated in the largely Catholic state of Louisiana. They use Catholic Saints to merge with their hoodoo spirits.

There is NO "karma" or "Rule of Three" in hoodoo. Each practitioner is guided by their own personal ethics. Controlling, commanding, and revenge work are common in hoodoo, and each practitioner will utilize these workings according to their morals.

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