Obeah Oil

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Obeah Oil is used to bless churches, prayer rooms and sacred objects. It is blended using an old African recipe. It can also used in many voodoo ceremonies and rites. It banishes all negative energies and calls upon good spirits who are willing to help. The oil is very powerful and protects against evil in all forms. Use this magical oil to safeguard your surroundings. It has protective quality when worn as a perfume.

Obeah Oil is a complex oil whose purpose is defined by the candle colors you use with it. The inclusion of Myrrh in this oil means that it is particularly effective for mundane needs. It is rumored by some practitioners to cast powerful love spells, but its more common use is for protection and as a commanding/compelling tool.

The oil can be added to all spell work to increase the lucky vibration and provide positive results. This oil uses a highly focused occult power used to connect practitioner with god, brings answers to problems and prayers. This ancient formula is closely guarded by practitioners. Historically, it is connected with Moses and the serpent of knowledge.

Example Use

Dress a Red Love Candle with 7 drops of this oil and it will make that one that you love return to you within 14 days if you also read Psalms 13 & 8 - all verses.