Peaceful Home Work for the Holidays

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With family and extended family comes drama for a lot of people, drama that folks really don’t want and don’t need.

Peaceful home kinds of work is not limited to just the inhabitants of a house, it can accommodate guests and visitors alike. I know that between planning feasts and making holiday arrangements and trying to get everyone under the same roof to feast at the same time is an ordeal unto itself and the very last thing you want to do is add a complicated job with lots of incense and candle burning and hard to get or expensive roots and curios. Here’s a quick list of work you can do (use as few or as many as you like) to keep things copacetic.

1. If you work with Saints. Call on St. Martha, she’s a patroness of cooks and hostesses. Her color is green and she does like ribbons and wooden spoons, so you can add green ribbons to your centerpiece, put green candles on the table if you like. When guests are testing your patience she’ll help smooth things out and get everyone to behave themselves or leave. Pay her with a snake plant after the holidays.

2. Bless all the table salt. Believe me you do NOT have to buy special salt or blessed salt, just pray on the salt in your salt shakers and add a little extra prayer that where ever that salt is used it brings peace and harmony.

3. When people come in, invite them in saying “You can come in but your devil stays outside.” or “Leave your devil at the door.” This is old school, today it sounds like a cute way to invite people in with a smile and a wink, but it’s been around a long time because it does work. I was told this is also a charm against someone bringing a flu or cold into a home as well.

4. Put pink roses or dried pink rose buds out. Pink roses promote feelings of love and health.

5. Add some orange blossom water to your dishwater. If you use a dishwasher, just sprinkle some over the dirty flatware.

5. If arguments start throw your dishwater out your back door as far as you can throw it (try to avoid soaking any relatives smoking on the back porch.) Or take it outside and pour it to the west if throwing isn’t possible.

6. Leave a pack of playing cards out, find the 10 of Hearts and put it face up on the top of the deck. I like to put my pack up high on the top of a shelf or china cabinet so it stays undisturbed the entire time family is visiting.

7. Mix a little (about a cap full) of Florida Water with plain tap water in a small (1 pint) spritzer bottle and use it as “air freshener” in any room where things are getting a little heavy (especially if people are being obnoxious.) I actually add about a 1 teaspoon of ammonia to this mix and use it as my regular window and surface cleaner instead of Windex or similar products and pray over it. It physically and spiritually cleans up messes. I also add a little Florida Water to the rinse when I wash bed linens, it smells fantastic.

8. Hide sprigs of fresh rosemary under all the guest beds. Dispose of them after your guests leave.


Used with permission