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Some of the most useful hoodoo conjure products are the road openers. Many works (i.e. spells, magic) of conjure must begin with clearing away obstacles and opening roads for new opportunities, and clearing the path in life so you can achieve what you desire. When there are too insurmountable obstacles in the way of your goals, change and advancement becomes practically impossible because you are devoting all of your efforts on solving the crises and distractions. It’s no wonder you feel STUCK or JINXED!!! Road Opener Formulas are in a class of formulas and workings that included Van Van, Cast off Evil, Blockbuster and more. While each of these hoodoo formulas is designed to attend to a specific type of obstacle or block, they all clear something away, leaving the doors open for good things to come. UNBLOCK ALL PROBLEMS! MONEY, LOVE, JOB, JINX OR EVIL.

In doing any unblocking, cleansing or banishing or opening, remember 3 things:

1. Pray to St. Peter or Ellegua to clear all paths and open all doors for you.

2. When removing a block or something similar, be sure to bring in something positive to replace it.

(nature does not like a vacuum --- so make sure something positive occupies that empty space where the block used to be --- because if you don't then something you may not want will come in to fill the gap in you)

3. The symbol of any kind of opening, clearing, door opening is THE SKELETON KEY.

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