Spell Kits

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Spell kits are collections of items required for specific spells. A spell and ritual kit provide everything you need to succeed in your magical workings.

Here are popular items in some of the kits:

Painted Bottles : Latin American Charm flasks, Hoodoo painted bottles and religious painted bottles for spells such as Breakup bottle, honey jar spells, compelling bottle, fast luck bottle, money magick, gambling luck, Come to Me, Reconciliation, Peaceful home, Lavendar love, etc.

'''Herb infused oils''' such as - Abra-Melin Oil, All Saints Oil, Attraction Oil, Black Cat Oil, Cleopatra Oil, Come to me Lover, Command and Compel oil, Confusion oil, Courage Oil, Court case oil, Crown of success oil, Crucible of Courage oil, Eve Oil, Fiery wall of protection, Flying Devil Oil, Follow me Boy! Oil, High John the Conqueror oil, Love Drawing Oil, Home Protection oil, Lucky Lodestone Oil, More Money oil, Magnet Lodestone Oil, Protection Oil, Seven African Powers oil, Uncrossing oil, Van Van Oil, etc.

Powders/Incense - Amber, Black Salt, Cascarilla Powder, Drawing powder, Graveyard dust, Goofer dust, Henna powder, Kyphi, New Home Incense.