War Water

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War Water, which is also termed Mars Water or Iron Water, is water in which iron has been allowed to rust. The most common way to make War Water is to place iron nails in mason jar of water. Cut iron nails rust easier, but any iron nails may be used. It is traditionally made on Tuesday, which is the Day of Mars.

War water is generally used to for protection. It is also used to reverse a curse and send it back to where it came from.

For Protective War Water, add iron nails to regular tap water. For Malevolent War Water (used for magical warfare) use thunderstorm water, sulphur and urine.

How to Use War Water

To banish evil and remove negativity from your place – Sprinkle around your house

To use in magical warfare - sprinkle on items belonging to your enemy.

To protect you, your loved one and your property from future psychic and magical attacks

As additional aid in unbinding spells - Use it in your ritual to remove malevolent magic that has targeted you and your loved ones.

To cleanse your home of malevolent spells cast against you - put in your floor wash.

To remove obstacles - When you feel that your road is blocked by unseen powers

For jinx removing - Add some drops in your bath along with a pinch of Black Salt